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The New Character Selection Screen

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 18:23 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Hello everyone!

CCP Fear reporting from Team Kuromaku. Our team is delivering a beautiful new character selection screen for Rubicon, the newest EVE Online expansion which will be arriving on November 19th. It will provide you with a great first impression of EVE as well as being more user-friendly than ever. Moreover, it will load super-fast, allowing you to quickly get to the good stuff of making ISK and blowing stuff up!

Fast and loose!

Community Spotlight: Agony Unleashed

Fri, 11/01/2013 - 06:23 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Getting into PvP can be a little bit like diving into a pool in the pitch black. Sure, there's a chance you'll perform an elegant dive and emerge in graceful fashion. But you also might accidentally crash head-first into the shallow end, miss and bash your teeth in on the ladder out, or it might not have any water in it whatsoever. While such mishaps might only make some people try harder, for many it will drive them away from ever trying again.

Community Spotlight: Aura

Fri, 10/18/2013 - 19:06 -- Anonymous (not verified)

No matter how much of a hardcore EVE Online player you are, there will be times when you simply can't get to a computer. Whether is be work, going out with friends, having to use the bathroom, being trapped in a mine, or whatever draws you away, it can be frustrating to lose connection to New Eden. Luckily, there is the Aura app, which lets you monitor your characters on your Android mobile no matter where you go.


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